“ As a long-time MHA-fan I’ve always sworn to Atmos for high-quality samples. The pack has everything you need to make your next hit, be it drums, percussion or background ambience. MHAs new pack Ascend takes what made Atmos great to the next level. Even more hard-hitting kicks, bigger fills and of course the famous MHA ambience. Both packs are perfect for those who want high quality samples to set themselves apart from the competition. 

— lykeemusic

I bought the Ascend pack not too long ago, and it is absolutely fire! Right from the very first sound, I got a spark of inspiration. This pack is definitely worth the price! I really loved the Atmos pack, but this one is very versatile! Great for any EDM genre! 10/10

— KaBlamDayud


“ You will never need any other sounds for future house. The presets are so versatile and are all already processed and ready to use right out of the box. This allows you to get going with an idea within minutes, and inspiration doesn’t always last forever so being able to work quickly is a game-changer, and these presets allows this. If you do not have this you are seriously missing out! These are without doubt some of the highest quality presets you can find anywhere, so do yourself a favour and buy the pack! ”

— _x3la__


“ Bought the Sylenth1 soundbank and absolutely love the sounds. Perfect for making Future House/Bounce. Sounds are high quality just like the pros and you can for sure get those signature sounds you're going for with these presets! I've used them in every single project since I bought them. 10/10 ”



“ Purchasing MHA's soundbank and sample pack was a huge game changer when it comes to production. I heard my tracks go from "meh" to "ok, this is epic!! ”

— realcharliewonder


“ I bought the serum soundbank a few days ago, and its got some amazing sounds. I have never been happier with my melodies, because of those sounds. I would HIGHLY recommend people to buy it! ”

— OliverHR2004


“ The Vital soundbank is definitely one of the most proffessional and well made soundbanks I‘ve bought. It delivers 100 extremely useful high quality sounds, which are super helpful when it comes to producing edm and are also inspiring. I can definitely recommend this soundbank and I‘m god I bought it. ”

— jonas.hllr02


“ Fantastic sample packs to set a stable foundation for many EDM genres. “

— erikelmerbrantarvidsson


“ The Guitar Sessions is really good. Drop some samples in the DAW and it just sounds good! “

— jens_colsters