Hi! MHA here. Here's some stuff about me and what I do:

I started producing in FL Studio when I was about 12 years old. After 8 years of producing I sent my first demos and ended up getting releases on the worlds biggest label, Universal music. All thanks to the two lovely guys in the swedish DJ-duo Vigiland. After some time in the higher ups of the music industry, I realized that I wanted more freedom. I might just have ended up in the wrong place of the music industry, but I didn't enjoy what I was doing. I put it all to rest and started a Youtube channel instead in October 2019. I started uploading consistently at the start of 2020, and a year later we are at over 20 000 subscribers, growing at an incredible rate. While doing Youtube I found my passion for sound design. I've always loved creating and building things, and building my own samplepacks and soundbanks came as a natural next step for me in my musical journey.

On April 10th, 2020 I released my very first samplepack " atmos together with my first soundbank for sylenth1. just over subscribers at the time samplepacks and soundbanks became a way viewers to financially support what i was doing on youtube while same providing even more value viewers. year later proud have thousands of happy customers from every continent planet. both mha channel community has become incredible feedback get subscribers. without this would mean nothing. we are building something that is than guy selling samples online. so greatful took path can wait show you guys next!